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Form a Positive Mental State

Train your Thinking Intuition

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December 10th
3:00pm – 9:30pm

Harness Emotional Intelligence. Navigate work challenges forcefully.

  • Create a safe workplace
  • Build emotionally intelligent teams
  • Navigate work challenges forcefully

Dr. Steven Stein

Founder of MHS international

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Optimize your team’s resourcefulness. Achieve organizational goals.

  • Bring your teams together
  • Advance their commitment
  • Optimize their performance
  • Level up with fresh coaching ideas

Lynn Skotnitsky

Master Certified Coach

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Define management structures that support the culture you thrive to have.

  • Define healthy management structures
  • Differentiate between work & human needs
  • Know what management structures support healthy organizational culture

Rebecca Brover

World’s only female Holacracy Master Coach

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Shift your leadership mindset. Lead with authenticity.

  • Create emotional safety
  • Polish your leadership qualities
  • Build an authentic leadership mindset
  • Align future goals with your leadership style

Hany Elawadly

Management Consultant & Master Practitioner (Fortune 500)

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Decode work behavioral patterns. Bring alignment & coherence to your organization.

  • Define skills you need to lead change.
  • Decode your team’s behavioral patterns.
  • Gain a self-authoring leadership mindset.
  • Know how archetypes are shaping behavior.

Aref Al-Mubarak

Saudi’s Only Master Certified Coach

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Weak Cultures Cost You a Lot!

Leaders Lack

93% of leaders feel they need training on how to effectively coach their teams.
Globoforce Survey

Insane Turnover

Organizations with weak cultures have a 48.4% turnover rate.
Gallup study

Costly Cycles of Hiring Processes

Leaders Determine 87% of employees’ loyalty!
Impact Group Study

Performance Risks

70% of employee learning and development happens on the job.
Harvard Business Review
We Scored


on Employee Happiness.

You Can Too!

A Shift in Culture is All You Need!

Optimized Resources &
Lower Costs

“It’s 67% cheaper to coach an employee than to replace them”
Study by, Dr. Karen Keller, MCC.

Higher Employee

Companies with strong cultures have a 13.9% turnover rate only!
Gallup Study


Strong coaching cultures are more than twice as likely to be high-performing organizations.
ICF Case Study

Top-Level Leadership
& Engagement

92% of leaders with emotional awareness have teams with high energy.
Korn Ferry Hay Group study

Booming ROI

46% of respondents from organizations with strong coaching cultures report their revenue to be above their peer group.
ICF Case Study


Workshop #1

December 10 @ 3:00pm – 4:00pm

The Emotionally Intelligent Organization

Face World’s Rapid Change with One of The Top 10-Future Skills!

What you’ll learn:

Lead with Emotional Intelligence to manage your way through work changes & challenges. Explore the key role it plays in building a healthy organization with a great sense of safe space.   

This workshop is your way to:
Build an emotionally intelligent & hardy team.
Navigate change & work challenges with effective processes.
Create a productive & safe workplace with effective leadership methods.
Meet the Speaker
Founder and Executive Chair of Multi Health Systems, a three-time winner of Profit 100 (fastest growing companies in Canada).
Author of “The EQ Leader” &
Co-author of “Hardiness”, “The EQ Edge”.
One of 1st psychologists to study Emotional Intelligence.
As a leading expert on psychological assessments and Emotional Intelligence, he is dedicated to promoting the importance of EI and hardiness in dealing with life’s challenges through his work. 
Workshop #2

December 10 @ 4:15pm – 5:15pm

Coaching Cultures in Organizations

Gain Fresh Coaching Ideas to Refine What You’re Already Doing Well!

What you’ll learn:

Use coaching skills & methodologies as a way of leading people to develop a “WE” mindset and boost commitment to achieve the organization’s goals. 

This workshop is your way to:
Improve people’s individual capacity & sense of purpose.
Optimize your team’s creativity, adaptation, resourcefulness, & innovation.  
Get cornerstone ideas to build a coaching culture & level up.
Meet the Speaker
Mentor, Organization and Leadership Development Consultant.
Designed and led 100+ customized learning and organization development programs, including strategic planning, team building, diversity & inclusion in 25+ countries.
She served on the faculty with Erickson Coaching International for the past 16 years educating coaches around the world. Her vision is all about creating a world where everyone gets to thrive and contribute through their unique gifts.
Workshop #3

December 10 @ 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Fostering Culture through Management Structure

What you’ll learn:

Examine your current working structures to determine whether they’re helping or harming your culture. You will assess what types of management systems & structures would be right to value your people & achieve your organization’s true purpose.

This workshop is your way to:
Build the culture you want using systems that support it.
Differentiate between work & human needs.
Know what management structures support healthy organizational culture.
Meet the Speaker
The world’s only female Holacracy Master Coach (There is only 7 master coaches out there!).
A partner at HolacracyOne with 15+ years of experience in continuing professional development and organizational behavior.
She has worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes in many industries across the world such as Zappos, David Allen, and Springest to help them adopt new ways, more human ways of working.
Workshop #4

December 10 @ 6:45pm – 7:45pm

مبادئ القيادة المؤثرة

87% Employees’ Loyalty counts on leaders!

What you’ll learn: You’ll develop an authentic leadership mindset through the lenses of Truth, Choice and Awareness. You’ll Learn about the organizational culture that is most conducive to eliciting the best leadership qualities from everyone.
This workshop is your way to:
Exercise authentic leadership by utilizing your strengths & styles effectively.
Create emotional safety for everyone to express ideas & feelings openly.
Define optimum future goals by reflecting on your leadership style.
Meet the Speaker
Global Operations and IP Lead | Master Practitioner
His programs benefited over 10 million people in over 20,000 organizations.
Hany has developed training programs for many of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as companies in various industries, government agencies, and universities.
Workshop #5

December 10 @ 8:00pm – 9:30pm

ورشة هيكلية المنظمة الثقافية

Shift Your Mindset to Lead Change
What you’ll learn:
Know where your organization currently stands as you decode archetypes and different work behaviors to understand how they’re shaping culture and performance in your organization. This will help you know how align teams leading the growth of the business.
This workshop is your way to:
Define key leadership characteristics to transform your organization.
Transform from having a socialized mind to self-authoring mind.
Decode your team’s archetypes & behavioral patterns.
Bring alignment and coherence among your teams.
Meet the Speaker
The only Saudi Master Certified Executive Coach (MCC) from ICF and a winner of the ICF 2022 Prism Award.
He holds a degree in Sociology and a Master’s Degree
in Business Management – HR
Aref’s conviction in the certainty of an upward learning curve for every individual got him in touch with his passion for working in the area of enabling and empowering leaders.

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