Emotional Intelligence Assessments

Be Aware

Recognize and understand your emotions.

Be in Control

Know how emotions affect your thoughts and behaviors.

Be a Better You

Communicate effectively, form strong relationships, and create powerful coping strategies.

Your All-in-One Development Tool.
Measure employees’ emotional intelligence…

Socially & in the workplace

In a leadership context

Ace Your Life!

90% of top performers are high in Emotional Intelligence. 

EQ Workplace Assessment Gains

Become aware of emotional triggers & control them.
Communicate and express yourself authentically & constructively.
Cope better with changes and challenges.
Build mutually satisfying relationships.
Capitalize on your strengths and embrace your weaknesses.
Take your well-being and life satisfaction to another level.

Self-evaluate your emotional intelligence skills with EQi 2.0 self-assessments. 

Compare others’ views to yours with EQ 360 multi-rater assessments. 

Lead Change Authentically

92% of emotionally intelligent leaders have teams with high energy & performance.

EQ Leadership Assessment Gains

Gain clear insights on your leadership strengths & areas of development.
Lead with better authenticity, coaching skills, insight, and innovation.
Know your leadership derailers and overcome them.
Harness your strengths to build high performing teams.
Build stronger connections with your teams.

Self-evaluate your emotional intelligence skills in leadership with EQi 2.0 self-assessments. 

Compare others’ views to yours with EQ 360 multi-rater assessments. 

Don’t Grow alone. Grow with others as a whole.

EQ Group Assessment Gains

Interpret emotional intelligence results in a team or group setting.
Understand each others’ strengths and utilize them to function more effectively as a group.
Identify areas where your group can be more effective.
Build trusting relationships and understand each others’ communication language.
Hone your group’s strengths to cope with challenges.

Have an overview of your group’s strengths based on emotional intelligence.

Identify areas for growth.

Work out an action plan to enhance emotional intelligence.