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We are the 1st Coaching Firm and Platform in Saudi Arabia, a group of passionate advocates for
“Bringing the Human elements back to Work”.
We thrive by enabling the “We” culture in organizations through providing a different approach to thinking, communicating, working, and living!

Mbarak Bamatraf

Leadership & Executive Coach
  • Emotional Intelligence Consultant
  • Accredited Business Consultant
  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • Strategy & Business Planning Professional

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I lead by authentic engagement, partnering with clients using internationally acclaimed methodologies to support them co-discover and understand their goals and the potential paths to pursue. 

With over 800 coaching hours, I coached Leaders & Executives at entities leading governments and private to create more awareness, develop leadership potential, and conquer challenging goals. 

I also strategized and lead business divisions with a resource pool beyond 2,000 employees, annual revenues beyond 800 million, assets beyond 4 billion, and optimized operational efficiency, surpassing 8o% revenue growth.

  • Understand and optimize your leadership & communication style.
  • Understand and address challenges with your management style.
  • Understand and address Strategic Goals and Objectives.
  • Build on your Strengths and improve on areas of difficulty.
  • Executive/Team Coach | Marshal Goldsmith – USA
  • Certified Strategy & Business Planning Professional 
  • Certified Management Consultant | AASBC
  • Erickson Certified Professional Coach | Erickson Intl Canada
  • Emotional Intelligence Certified Assessor & Consultant | MHS Canada
  • MBA | Management Consulting – Ongoing | York St. John University – UK
  • Holacracy Management System Certified Practitioner | Holacracy One – Amsterdam.
  • NLP Certified Practitioner

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