Welcome to coREACH Emotional Intelligence Program Management System. Here is your map for a clear view and your guide to manage your assessment, debrief and coaching sessions.

We are the 1st Coaching Firm and Platform in Saudi Arabia, a group of passionate advocates for
“Bringing the Human elements back to Work”.
We thrive by enabling the “We” culture in organizations through providing a different approach to thinking, communicating, working, and living!

Reem Aljizawi

(PCC) Executive Coach
  • Founder of coREACH
  • Organizational Culture & Teams Coach
  • Emotional Intelligence Coach
  • Holacracy Coach
  • Passionate Workplace Strategist

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With the coREACHers, I lead a company whose purpose is “To prioritize the GROWTH of the human elements within people so that together we build a world WE aspire to REACH”. 

It takes more than your IQ to act intelligently. I am a firm believer that Emotionally Intelligent leadership is the secret to organizational success. I have always been curious about humans, and that’s “WHY” I chose coaching. 

With 10 years of experience in coaching, I worked with a variety of leading Saudi companies and governmental sectors to help leaders and teams build and sustain a humane & psychologically safe culture full of creativity, effective performance, and full potential.

Coaching for me is a state of flow that ends with brightening our paths for us to confidently arrive at that image we always aspired to be and become!

  • Become more aware of your skill sets as a leader.
  • Increase your awareness about your role and contributions of trust and psychological safety to your team or group.
  • Move forward to overcome challenges and have better communications.
  • Certified Executive Coach, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Cantered Coaching. 
  • President & co-founder of the ICF – Saudi Chapter 
  • Awarded as “Top 50 World Leaders in Coaching”, Marshall Goldsmith.   
  • Certified Global Leader of the Future 360 Assessor; Marshall Goldsmith. 
  • High Performance Team Coach — Erickson Coaching International. 
  • Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach & Consultant — MHS & Danial Goleman.

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