Saudi Arabia


Arabic, English

“Be the change you want to see in the world”


I am a passionate Life Coach & a Clinical Psychologist with 14 years of Experience. I am a firm believer that there is always a solution! Each time a door closes, another opens.

I have been known as the solution provider in my whole career experience; but as your coach I will not give you the solution, I will help you unlock your wisdom to find your way to it.

My mission in coaching is to polish the pearl inside you until it shines; and during our journey together, you will step closer to your inner self and discover your values and strengths. 

As your Life Coach I will help you:

  •  Discover yourself more and elevate your self-awareness about “you” and others.
  • Have more clarity to move toward your goals by understanding the law of life.
  • Gain personal strength, self-respect and worth, along with boundaries.
  • Unlock your potential to maximize your performance and achieve your goals.

As your Relationship Coach I will help you:

  • Achieve your personal and business relationship goals; and we will work together for external solutions to overcome barriers.
  • Learn how to create the right environment for remarkable communication and handle any situation no matter how difficult it may seem.
  • Gain personal strength, self-respect and boundaries which all makes for a much better relationship.