Sara Nasser

Sara Nasser

Inhouse Coach

Life Coaching



Saudi Arabia


Arabic, English

Live Your Life for Today, and Speak Your Mind. 

I am a down to earth person, relatable, and easy to talk to. I give and take whenever I start a new journey of coaching with someone. I am an open-minded person embracing a realistic manner in my open mindedness, spontaneous, and always seeking the fun side of any experience I have. 
I chose coaching because I thrive when I support people as they try to achieve their goals; and I want to discover myself through them.

My top 5 Strengths (as per Clifton Strength Finder Assessment):

  • Communication.  
  • WOO (Winning Others Over).
  • Command.
  • Includer.
  • Strategic.

What I can help you achieve:

  • Know the purpose of your life.  
  • Take steady steps towards achieving your goals.  
  • Capitalize on your strengths and accept your weaknesses.
  • Overcome any challenges hindering your GROWTH & progress.


Achieve, Conquer, Thrive: Your SMART Goals Roadmap to Success in 2024