Conversation About Presence (Panel)

Andrea Garfield 

A CEO & Coach of Awesome Institute, a coaching company based in San Francisco, California. She was Previously the President of ServiceRocket. She Co-founded Startech Global and worked with UCLA Anderson’s Management Development for Entrepreneurs Program. Andrea was previously the Global Committee Chair of the Entrepreneur’s Organization Accelerator Program, and a volunteer for the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship. She was also board member for project Echo. She is passionate about helping leaders learn, grow, and scale their companies while being Awesome humans. Born into a family of teachers, Andrea brings a wealth of experience and love for learning to the Awesome Institute. She received her MBA in entrepreneurial studies from the UCLA Anderson School of Management, and her BA from UC Santa Barbara. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband Mark, daughter Lucy, step-daughter Paige, and cat Lola.

Webinar details:

A fireside chat with Andrea Garfield about presence and holding challenging work lightly for clients, coaches, and the coaching relationship.