coREACH Office: Our Cozy Place

THE design of a company office can have a significant impact on the overall culture and productivity of the organization.

“A well-designed office can foster a sense of community and collaboration among employees, while also providing comfortable and functional workspaces”

It has been always our pleasure when visitors comment about the feeling they got when they step into our office and the layout of the office, from the interior designs that make them feel cozy and welcomed, to the plants that bring a sense of connection, down to the pods and the feel of calmness they bring.

For us coREACHers, we can’t agree more, having this feeling of being at home fuels our productivity and create a feel of belonging.

There’s more to it than just where we work, it’s the place which contains our memories, where every nook and corner is stuffed with souvenirs from all over the world. There is a unique touch to every wall, each shelf is filled with books and pictures not to mention the signature fridge adorned with travel magnets brought back by every coREACHer.

Which made us realise how strong the influence of environment design can affect the overall productivity of employees in the company, So we decided to work with an amazing and creative designer Reem Yassin to bring our vision into reality, and here we share with you her word of the vision behind our office.

Designed by Reem Yassin
Designs from 2017

When you have unconventional, complicated, and extraordinary visions, all you need is to find your superhero, the one who can make your dreams touchable and seeable and finding you Reem will always be our blessing.