What is Coaching?

Many different meanings come to mind when people hear the word
coaching, and these meanings vary based on every person’s culture and history with coaching, while some of these meanings are true, others have nothing to do with coaching. In this article, we will tell you what is coaching, why coaching is beneficial, and how it works?

Coaching as ICF (International Coaching Federation) defines is a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential, In other words, coaching is the process of helping others go in the direction that they desire and to change as they wish.

In the past, coaching was mostly associated with sports, but in recent years it has become essential for other areas including work and social life. The goal of coaching is to help you make progress in areas of your life you want to improve and to help you overcome a problem you’re facing, simply coaching will provide you with:

A Safe and Structured Space Coaching helps you know your current competencies and identify your challenges in a trustworthy environment.
Flexible thinking & new insights Coaching will open your thought patterns to consider other points of view with fresh perspectives and insights.
A way that takes performance to Learn and implement new leadership techniques tailored to your strengths.
A CLEAR Look at your current goals to know the appropriate action steps to reach them
A Customized Track to Successful Leadership Coaching will help you make better well-informed decisions tailored to your strengths & life scenario.

Benefits of Coaching

Forming a Positive Mental State

The ability to see a way out is the thing that motivates and encourages us to overcome challenges. Once we have the way out, no matter how difficult the challenges are, they will still seem manageable. Through coaching, an individual's thinking becomes less complex, pulling out the entangled threads one by one, and neatly rolling them up for easy use. This process transforms uncertainty into confidence, darkness into light, difficulty into ease, and even the impossible into possible.

Training your Thinking Intuition

Coaching provides you with a different thinking experience in facing challenges, the process of answering the coach’s questions feels like moving your thinking angel from one side to another. You will get the experience of watching a 4-dimension movie in which you are the main actor. We call it 4 dimensions because of the enhancement and usage of all senses in framing your mind, the thing that will make it become almost like a real experience even though you are still at the thinking stage. No action is taken yet.

Improving Good Communication Skills

There are different ways of communicating and coaching style communication enables you to better understand other people's needs, as well as accommodate them. Communicating involves exchanging ideas, thoughts, knowledge, and information so that the goal or intention is achieved as effectively as possible.

Upgrading the Quality of Your Social Relationship

Creating bonded communication by using the coaching method is a strong presumption. Below are four important concepts coaching tries to build in us:

  • Every human conduct themselves with a positive intention.
  • Every human Has the ability to change for the better.
  • Every human can come up with the best decision for themselves.
  • Every human has the resources to find the answer and the best action for themselves.

Enhancing the Quality of Work

How you interact with your workgroup will influence your performance as well as theirs, Coaching is the most effective method for all company members to achieve their maximum potential and in those cases, communication is the major influence.

Building Happiness from Within

Everybody defines happiness as personal and finding the mission of life has become a determinant of happiness. Moreover, the process of fulfilling the mission of life makes us spiteful, more caring to others, and strengthens personal values, not merely prioritizing personal interests, coaching will help you find your mission in life, the thing that will make your life become livelier.

Better Time Management

The scale of priority has always been a challenge among the many needs and wants that surround us. Everything seems important and urgent even more complicated if we are unwilling to spare sometimes to care for and think about it. So, all you need is to evaluate and ask yourself, which one is a real must-be-done priority. By using (coaching priorities) you will become visualized clearly as if you see them from a helicopter view.

How does coaching work?

The coaching process closes the gap between an individual’s or team’s present level of performance and the desired one. This can happen within a single coaching session, or over a long cycle of sessions. That’s why coaching is an unending process; each new achievement forms a platform for the next challenge. However, for any new coaching goal, there is a cycle of six basic stages from goal to completion.

First stage:

Definition, where the coach and the coachee agree on the goal of the coaching process.

Second stage:

Analysis, The process of understanding and discussing the present reality.

Third stage:

Exploration, When the coach and the coachee explore all available options to achieve the desired goals.

Fourth stage:

Action, The step of identifying and committing to a course of action, when we need to answer the question (when the tasks will be done?)

Fifth stage:

Learning, The phase of implementing the agreed-upon actions.

The last stage:

Feedback, Where the coach and the coachee hold the next coaching session and consider what has been learned and how this learning can be built upon.

In the end, knowing what coaching is and what it can and cannot help you with, is the first and most important step to starting your coaching journey.