Saudi Arabia


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Life Coach | Emotional Intelligence Consultant | Accredited Business Consultant

Dr. Ismail A. Bakhsh stands as a dynamic leader, celebrated for his entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering commitment to unlocking the full potential of organizations. His journey is marked by a profound understanding of the power of clear communication, strategic planning, and adept change management. In various leadership capacities, he consistently achieves noteworthy results, guiding businesses toward excellence.

“I firmly believe that every goal becomes achievable when we accurately define the target, leverage qualified human resources, and align with the right complementary resources.”

This philosophy underscores Dr. Bakhsh’s approach, emphasizing precision, human capital, and strategic resourcing as the pillars of success. His leadership philosophy, grounded in clear communication and visionary planning, serves as an inspiration for transformative change and enduring success.

Some Credentials of Dr. Ismail A. Bakhsh:

  • Life Coach: Erickson International
  • MBA: Asia Metropolitan University
  • Ph.D. in Clinical Laboratory Sciences (CLS): Hematology and Cellular Therapy, University College of London, UK
  • Crucial Conversations© Trainer: (Vital Smarts®)
  • Crucial Accountability© Trainer: (Vital Smarts®)