Saudi Arabia


Arabic, English, French

Free yourself from your old self.

MA in Military Psychology and Rapid Transformational Therapist

A Certified Coach and EQ assessments Assessor, Certified Coach from the institute for the Psychology of Eating

Making a difference and having a positive impact in people`s life is my motto.
Seeing my clients reach their goals, and becoming a better version of themselves is the most motivational and astonishing feeling I would ever reach.

More About Me

I have 11 years of psychotherapy experience. I use different strategies.
Each strategy/tool is designed for each client’s case. From Neurolinguistic programming to rapid transformational therapy, to El practitioner and now mind-body eating coach.

Potential outcomes of our session together:

  • To let go of old beliefs that are keeping them stuck in their problems.
  • To trust the NOW and the power of the present.
  • Help them understand that their presence in this universe has a divine message.
  • Find the root cause of problems, weakness, and unwanted behavior to embrace it, and accept it, in order to heal it and let go of it.