Berlin, Germany



“The best way to treat obstacles is to use them as stepping-stones.”

Enid Blyton

I love coaching for the powerful transformations it empowers. My feedback-informed approach is solution-focused, evidence based, and efficient – enabling leaders, teams and organizations to swiftly find and sustain their own path, so their businesses thrive on the genuine motivation of their employees to make the shared dream come true.

More About Me

I am an accredited ICF PCC with more than 10 years coaching experience bringing positive energy, structure, flexibility, challenge, and possibility to every conversation.

Prospective outcomes (as described by previous clients):

  1. Team alignment, agile mindset, and company culture.
  2. Improved internal and external communication.
  3. Leaders discovering their potential – and realizing it for the benefit of the organization.
  4. Clarity on the ‘Why’ & ‘How’, leading to goal achievement.